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If you have any question regarding your membership, or you would like to give us feedback to improve the quality of our service, please contact:

Emilie Muller, resposable administration

For any questions regarding our memberships, promotions and any other service, please fill out the contact form below. Our team will contact you as soon as possible.

If you have any questions regarding marketing and advertising, please contact:

Elisa Cappanera, responsable Marketing et communication.



    If you have a 12-months contract, you are entitled to get a time-stop for your holidays.

    You can make a request ranging from 1 week to a maximum of 4 weeks/year of subscription.

    Your access to our services will be blocked during the requested timeout period.

    For a request made during the year, the free period will be added to the anniversary date of your contract, and not to the requested time stop period.

    To make a time-stop request, just send us an email to info@factory4.luor to fill in the specific document provided at the reception desk of our club.

    A contract suspension, unlike the time stop, is provided for in case of justified inability to use our services. 

    In the event of sickness/injury/pregnancy/long business trips resulting in a specifically mentioned inability to practise sport for more than one month, a supporting document is to be presented at the reception where a suspension form, provided for this purpose, will be given to you. The suspension will begin on the 01st of the month following the date of signature of the suspension form and will last until the end of the period mentioned on the certificate. The period during which the subscription will be suspended will not be counted in the minimum commitment period provided for in the contract. During this period the member will not have access to the facilities of Factory 4. On expiry of the medical certificate, the subscription will resume its effects, automatically and without warning, for the remainder of the initially planned duration. The Member himself/herself is responsible for the resumption of his/her subscription. A suspension is in no way retroactive and the amounts already paid will remain in Factory 4's account. 

    The cancellation only takes place at the end of the month, and the registered letter or the cancellation form completed on receipt must reach Factory 4 before the end of the month preceding the month of cancellation (for example: by 31 August at the latest for a desired cancellation by 30 September).

    A member can cancel his subscription with a 1 month notice in the 2 following situations: 

    For medical reasons preventing definitivelythe practice of sport and attested by a medical certificate (issued by a doctor).  

    For reasons of remoteness from the Member's home or business address (whichever is geographically closest to the club) to a new address more than 15 km away, en fournissant la preuve du changement d’adresse. 

    All cancellations and requests must always be addressed in writing to the Manager of Factory 4, 4-6 rue François Hogenberg L-1735 Luxembourg. 

    At the reception the request for cancellation and a valid receiptThe termination will be effective at the end of the month following the month of receipt of the documents.

    Failing this, the subscription will be maintained under the agreed conditions. For cancellations and to avoid misunderstandings, we suggest filling in the form provided for this purpose and available at reception. 

    Any other reason or method of termination other than those mentioned above on the part of the member (such as a unilateral cessation of monthly payments via direct debit) will be considered as an abusive breach of contract. In this case, the totality of the monthly payments for the commitment period for subscription fees will be immediately due. If the Member does not voluntarily pay these amounts due, Factory 4 may call upon a debt collection agency to collect the debt. 

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