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Reaching your fitness goals has never been easier.

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Factory 4 offers you a personalized training program so you can achieve your fitness goals. Our coaches are qualified, friendly are prepared to take you through that body transformation you've been dreaming of!

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The programs

Based on natural movements, this program will allow you to develop your mobility skills, strengthen your joints, tendons and muscles.

For an optimal preparation for competitions and sport events, you need the right support and preparation adapted to your needs.

For a full-body strengthening programa aimed at increasing your muscles mass, stabilizing your joints, as well as to prevent joint problems.

Your weight loss goal needs to be personalized and a good combination of fitness and nutrition programs. Your coach will assess your improvements and optimise the program along the way.

You get a complete check-up and a personal program made of exercises to correct your posture and avoid joint problems.

Your coach will use situational scenarios to help you react more appropriately in stressful situations. 

To prevent any risk of injury there are several methods of muscle stretching: active stretching, passive stretching, functional stretching.

Challenge yourself!

La séance peut varier entre 30, 45 et 60 minutes, avec un programme d’entraînement personnalisé.

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All of our group classes can help you achieve your fitness goals: weight loss, muscle strengthening etc...