Why is measuring your body composition so important?


If you thought stepping on a scale was enough to get to know your body and to measure how successful is your gym workout, you are probably heading to the wrong direction. Our body weight doesn’t tell us much about its composition, and there are many variables which is worth checking throughout a training program to ensure you are not harming your body.

In fact an accurate Body composition analysis can not only show the changes in fat mass, muscle mass, and water percentage but if checked consistently, (likely on a monthly basis) it can help you keep track of your training’s success and how to adjust your diet and exercise to hit your goals.

This is why at Factory4 we value technology and we invest in machines that can accurately measure your Body composition, like the Tanita MC780MA-N. Our coaches can take you through a Body composition analysis during the coaching sessions to track the changes in your body and guide you throughout your workout program. Don’t hesitate to reach out to book your first free coaching session and body composition consultation, our team will happily guide you throughout your body transformation journey.